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This morning I received about 37 inquiries from people in India, Pakistan, Philipines and from the United Arab Emirates who have paid thousands of dollars to fraudsters pretending to be Immigration Consultants offering on the Internet and on Facebook various jobs; such as cooks, gardeners, drivers, dentists and many more to desperate applicants seeking a better way of life in Canada and all they receive is being "Ripped Off. Many of these fraudsters create sites similar to legitimate ones operating and claim that they have over 40 associates offices around the world; however, Wanted SA conducted background checks and found the majority of these associates are bogus.

I encourage everyone who is wanting to work in Canada or immigrate to Canada to check the background of these so-called fraudsters and realize that one cannot issue any form of Visa to Canada without paying the proper fees for applications to Canada, which can amount to about $1,000 plus service fees. Legitimate Immigration Consultants conduct Interpol, Police and OFAC background checks on every applicant to ensure that the applicants are eligible to either immigrate to Canada, obtain work permits to Canada or both. If the applicants' names appear on the background checks; they will not be allowed to participate and immigrate to Canada. 

Warning that when working with Immigration Consultants one must be ensured that the consultants are licensed by ICCRC - in Canada and that they have proper insurance to cover losses and that they do not work out of a basement or hut in some underground hole ripping people off.

One of the associate firms that we work with and endorse is Eddi Iq Inc. based in the State of Delaware with offices in Toronto has been advocating for more strict regulations and laws to protect innocent applicants around the world. Eddi Iq is a certified Compliance, Enhanced Due Diligence and Know Your Client firm that has been established for many years with a list of clients from major banks to financial institutions around the world who have been assisting individuals and families to obtain employment in Canada successfully.

We decided to print the information, terms and conditions that Eddi Iq has created for the applicants that are in dire need for work from various countries around the world;


Thank you for contacting Eddi Iq Inc., about seeking employment in Canada. The easiest and fastest method of obtaining a certified job in Canada is having to create a profile for an applicant describing the work skills, education and information about the applicant on the “Canada Employment Bank” website. An applicant will be required to complete the Assessment Form and return to Eddi Iq Inc., for analysis.


The cost for the work and monitoring the profile is $250.00 plus an applicant will be required to undertake an Interpol, OFAC and Police Background Check by and of which all can be paid at the same time either by Wire Transfer or PayPal.


A special eMail will be created for the applicant so that a company or employer can contact the applicant directly and offer the applicant a specific job suitable for the education and skills that the applicant possesses.


Kindly confirm consent and requesting the Assessment Form and we will create the profile; however, payment must be within 5 business days, in order to release the profile.


Eddi Iq Inc. has developed the Canada Employment Bank (CEB) to assist individuals who are seeking employment in Canada; however, do not want to immigrate at present, but after one year they are eligible to apply for immigration to Canada. 


This program is to encourage individuals with skills and education to apply for employment in Canada


Police Background Check:                    Country of Origin                   -                 $  175.00

Interpol:                                          -                             125.00

OFAC:                                                                       100.00


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