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Monte Friesner

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Monte Friesner was born in Europe in 1945 and received, by all accounts, an excellent education. However, he was far from being an innocent citizen and he soon entered into the world of easy money, becoming involved for many years in money laundering, fraud, and various white collar crimes until his global criminal activities came to the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice in 1986.

Even though Mr. Friesner was not a citizen of the USA, the currency he often used was US Currency; therefore, he came under the jurisdiction of the USA.

Mr. Friesner was apprehended, convicted, and sentenced in the USA for various fraud related counts; however, as fate would have it, while incarcerated in the Bureau of Prisons, a massive tumor in his cranial cavity was detected and he was forced to undergo a severe and lengthy operation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

From that point on Mr. Friesner entered a new career - that of a Financial Crime Consultant using his skills, knowledge, expertise, and contacts for uncovering ‘white collar crime’ for many banks, government organizations, foundations and he often found himself consulting with law enforcement officials. [It often takes a thief to detect a thief.]

In 1996 Mr. Friesner was instrumental in uncovering a “High Yield Investment Scam” being operated in Europe and in less than 6 months all the parties involved in the scam were apprehended and sentenced to terms in prison.

In 1998 Mr. Friesner was retained by a high profile capital corporation in Canada that owned automobile agencies, hydro plants, real estate, etc. and is still part of the firm to this very date.

In 2000, a newly reformed Friesner was appointed to the European Union as a financial advisor to conduct due diligence and compliance for many corporations through the Diplomatic Core based in Zurich and he received numerous citations for his work there.

In 2000 - in Canada - Mr. Friesner became involved in the uncovering of various frauds in dealing with high yield programs and various money laundering schemes while lecturing at many law firms in Canada. Monte still continues to this day with his lecturing [essentially in Russia, Canada, Europe, etc.].

In 2001 Mr. Friesner was appointed to the “DUMA” (Congress of Russia) as Special Financial Consultant in structuring various agents for the development of the infrastructure of the Federation of Russia and in detecting of frauds within the country.

From 2001 to the present date, Mr. Friesner has also been involved in uncovering white collar crimes for many well known corporations and implementing KYC and due diligence procedures to protect the assets of these corporations.
Therefore, Wanted SA invited Monte to join their staff and use his knowledge of intelligence and to write specific articles for Wanted SA alerting the public about the dangers of white collar crime and about some of the criminals who are always eager to take advantage of the general public.

We are proud and excited to have Mr. Friesner join our ranks and team of former law enforcement, lawyers, banker and former felons and we are confident that his knowledge and expertise will be a tremendous asset for the future, as he has demonstrated for the past 14 years.

Mr. Friesner will essentially cover a wide beat: From Canada to Russia and from Croatia to The Republic of Panama. His major expertise, and interest, however, remains Latin America and the Middle East.