Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

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Mr. Rijock is one of the world’s foremost leader’s in the battle against money laundering and white collar crime and joins our team for the continuing battle against Blackmail, Extortion and all other white collar crimes. Mr. Rijock is very much respected for his view points and analysis and is available for future presentations worldwide.

Kenneth Rijock is a Decorated Vietnam veteran. High flying lawyer; and one of the world's biggest money launderers for many years. In the 1980’s in Miami, Kenneth Rijock was the middle man between the Colombians and the domestic cartels flooding America's streets with cocaine.

Every Friday, carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in a tattered suitcase, he would fly by private jet to a tax haven in the Caribbean. Kenneth Rijock's operation was responsible for 'cleaning' over $200 million of dirty cash.

And all the time he was in love with a lady police officer.

It finally came crashing down when a client turned against him and testified against him.

He agreed go undercover for the FBI, and he now works with banks, law enforcement, private intelligence firms and governments to track the new generation of money launderers and white collar criminals on a worldwide basis.