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WANTED S.A. based in Canada, Europe & USA and continues to set the standard of excellence for all other compliance companies. We can sincerely state that our group has had a direct impact on the way many Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Corporations and individuals conduct business. Our knowledge and ability to always "do the right thing" and to push us to create additional meaningful features is why our unique staff of former Law Enforcement Officers, Financial Institutions, Diplomats, Lawyers, Accountants, Computer Analysts and Former Felons who have become Anti Crime Advocates have created a strong and respected relationship that will continue for many years to come.

It is imperative and important today to recognize the issues of computer crime, various money laundering methods and common frauds committed in order to obtain objectivity; such as, a loan, money or advancement in cyber espionage. It is important to know who you are going to conduct business with and their background.

Our Compliance & Due Diligence Division does not rely only on Archives Information, which is available to anyone but we outreach to sources in order to create the Intelligence Network that utilize the information to the highest level.

“We are confident that together WANTED S.A. and our staff of professionals can and will structure the Compliance and Due Diligence that you will require to sustain your company and you through our Intelligence Network to protect your Employees and Assets.

Our firm and staff have built a foundation and formula for long term security and success.”

WANTED S.A. has available professionals with the highest degree of experience and knowledge to assist to bring criminal activities to a successful end and assist in the apprehending of these activities without any borders to hamper us.