Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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As technology advances each and every day, more and more individuals are conducting business over cyberspace. Cyber security is the common practice of protecting data and intellectual property that is stored digitally from cyber criminals looking to cause destruction, change, or unauthorized access.

This type of security is increasingly important, because most businesses today store information that, if breached could significantly impact their customers and suppliers, and in the case of smaller entities, the remediation costs could exceed their capability and ultimately put them out of business.

Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and banks for example, all collect confidential information that is processed over cyberspace. A cyber attack could access patient records, banking records and more.  One only has to look at the news from 2015 to see the Target breach and it’s impact.  

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated with their attacks, meaning that continual security in the cyber sense is no longer, simply an option.

Destruction, change, and unauthorized access are not the only type of security breach that can be caused by cyber criminals. A top threat to government agencies and national security is cyber spying, otherwise known as cyber surveillance.  Some say this threat will actually surpass the threat of real world terrorism within the next 5 years from 2016.

No matter what type of business being operated, a security plan should be implemented in every area regarding security online.  Security breaches cannot only cause the loss of confidential business or clientele information, but will also cause the loss of clients, without doubt.

The Wanted SA Group will not only help identify threats and weaknesses a company may have, but we will also correct, defend and monitor thereafter to prevent the potential for future breaches.  Should you have already suffered a breach, remediation services are available to ensure the security breach is properly recovered from.  

Our total solution offering, backed by major insurance corporations, leverages its Trust and Reputation Evaluation Exchange to protect individuals and corporations alike by covering (among other things):

– Network Threat Detection and Monitoring

– Malware Threat Assessment and Monitoring

– Computer Forensics

– Network Penetration Testing

– Secure Network and Mobile Device Solutions

– Cyber Risk & Threat Assessments

– Cyber Penetration Insurance

– Electronic Countermeasures