Security & Protective Services

Security & Protective Services

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The world is a complex and dangerous place, and the need for comprehensive security solutions is ever present.  We assess vulnerabilities associated with structures and properties for example, and implement solutions designed to lessen or eliminate them.

The modern security officer is a highly trained and effective professional, usually with a grounding in military or police service. The Wanted SA Group, for example, employs former members of Law Enforcement, Former Felons and the like, in key positions to ensure the highest level of competence in its staff.

Canada, Europe and USA now employ former felons in various Jurisdictions to utilize their expertise, knowledge to Track Money, Stolen Assets and Weak Positions for criminals to attack.

Security extends beyond the protection of static assets, often requiring a proactive approach to expedite the identification of threats. The highest goal of a group providing security in any capacity is minimizing risk, and often intelligence gathering and analysis is the most effective way to do so.

Equally important is the ability of a security provider to respond to threats that occur wholly without precursor or predictive intelligence, which unfortunately occur all too often. The Wanted SA Group employs highly trained specialists in several areas of the global security sector with extensive experience in effective threat response.

Security protective services demand an understanding of the chaotic local conditions in an area of operation as well as the ability to respond quickly to imminent threats. The security professionals of the Wanted SA Group can readily fill both needs.