Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom

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Many high profile victims are kidnapped from their cars, offices, vacations and other situations. Even though they lived under constant security and escort, they made the simple mistake of leaving home at the same time each day to drop their kids off at school or to the health Club.

After being held hostage for several weeks with a massive ransom being demanded prior to any ransom being paid Wanted SA is called in to negotiate the reasonable ransom and the victims released without harm. To this date we have not lost any victims due to the trust and common respect in dealing with former felons.

There are no two words that instill more panic in the lives of countless people every single day than the words ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Ransom’. Although many times hostage takers do release prisoners if a ransom is paid, many times they don’t. Consider these statistics:

~ 1 child will be kidnapped or go missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone (2000 per day) or 300 per day in Canada.

~ Over 18% of these will be in the care of a nanny or equivalent.

~ Approx. 82 people will be kidnapped today (30,000 per year) around the world.

~ In 2009 alone, there were 1200 kidnappings for ransom in Mexico.

~ The top 3 countries for kidnappings are Panama, Venezuela, Philippines and Mexico.

~ The average ransom demand is over $1 million.

As specialists in the arena of hostage negotiation, The Wanted SA Group are the nominated primary responder for many of our clients should something happen. With over 30 successful negotiations in the Kidnap and Extortion arena over a period of more than 20 years, Wanted SA Group are probably the most experienced individual in the private security field worldwide.