Security Systems & Infrastructure

Security Systems & Infrastructure

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Information security systems need to be constantly refreshed. The constantly evolving nature of the technological world is simply incredible and it’s overwhelming for the internal Chief Technology Office whose primary role is to keep the business functioning the way it’s supposed to.

We see millions of emails rejected at email gateways on any typical day and this has consistently increased over the years. Just this one type of issue requires incredible focus.  One piece of malicious code delivered in a spam email could destroy years and $millions in intellectual property. Phishing attacks are another growing problem.

We developed in house technologies to protect information, the integrity of other services, and computer systems. We continually improve these processes to try and stay one step ahead and to minimize unwanted and dangerous content affecting our clients’ computer systems.

We also conduct audits and penetration testing (both physical and cyber based) to further understand and evaluate a clients’ current position so that a platform can be built around each businesses unique challenges.

An effective security risk assessment can stop a security breach, decrease the impact of realized breaches and maintain your company’s name from appearing in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Conduct an assessment today in order to learn more about how well protected your systems are; and let us help you avoid becoming the next Sony Corporation and/or Target.