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Premiers is an immigration company based in the Middle East and they have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They will help you immigrate to a number of countries; Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, US, the UK, Commonwealth of Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis (Federation of St Christopher and Nevis).

They claim to deal with over a 1000 immigration cases a year and this is what keeps their sales consultants busy and knowledgeable.

There is no information about when the company was founded or who founded it. We did a bit of research and found out that their website was created in September 2009 but this does not mean that it is the original Premiers website. .

The website

The website for Premiers is very basic and the information on the website is extremely limited. They offer different immigration options like business migration, student visas, second citizenship passports and skilled workers migration. But when you go into each of the options there is absolutely no information on the actual immigration policy, its requirements or how to check if you qualify.

They do state that they are members of the ICCRC for Canada, there is an RCIC number that is given and it does check out. The RCIC number is R410607 and it belongs to Imran Farooq. There is also an Australian Offshore Agent Registration number available. Whether this is legitimate we are not sure. Premiers claims to be able to assist you as their client with immigration applications from many different countries, but they provide no indication that they are supported and recognised by these countries. Straight away this was a red flag for us.

On the website, Premiers gives you links to their social media pages but when you click on each link, you are simply redirected to the top of the page. When we searched for any social media presence we came up empty-handed. The website provides you with a link to their terms and conditions and privacy policy but once again it did not work and we were redirected to the top of the page.

The worst kind of reviews

There were no client testimonials on the Premiers website but we did a little digging and found quite a few from very unhappy clients. There is even a Facebook page calling for Premier Immigration Company to stop dealing.

Many of the reviews given by people that were once Premier Immigration clients say that they paid the fees and then for months and months nothing happened. They were then contacted and told that the immigration policies for the country that they wanted to immigrate to have changed. They were then told that there would be additional fees that needed to be paid in order for Premier Immigration to continue processing their application.

If Premier Immigration deals with thousands of immigration cases a year, why are they painted as fraudsters by previous clients? 

What we think

After researching Premier Immigration Company UAE and finding out what they are all about; we would not recommend that you use them. They overcharge for their services and will often ask you to make more payments for changed immigration policies that may not even impact your immigration process.

So where is Imran Farooq today ? In the Commonwealth of Dominica where all the other fraudsters are and he is working with Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., and of course "pumping" Citizen By Investment Program.



Imran Farooq and his company are a big scam and fraud and i wonder if anyone knows how we should report him? we need to do sth about it? how come after all these reviews government didn't close their office and don't let people fall for their trap? Did anyone try to file a complaint against them?

A big hater

I agree with all the comments, same thing happened with me also 2 years before they welcome me as if within 6 months I ll be in Canada, they told me u just need to give ilets and ECA they keep chasing me as my installments were going on once my installments finishes they never called me again.
When I attempt 1st time ilets, they said you should gain minimum 6 band in each module I tried again and scored it, now still no news from 1 year and they are saying try again if you get 8 – 7 – 7 – 7 there is a chance of selection.
Hate their company and their people. No cooperation at all, no alternatives, no friendly advices.
I visited 2 times also to discuss my issue, their response is yes you can do this also after my question, yes you can do this also.
2 years ago I asked if I take admission in masters would it help no it will take lots of time better only concentrate on your lies, now after 2 years they said if you do Masters your scores will increase.


Premiers Management Consultancy and Global Migration services having registered office at Al Arif Building Al Musalla Road Bur Dubai and Branch office at Al Arif Building Al Musalla Road Bur Dubai are owned by Imran Farooq. The company claims to be leading immigration in Middle ease but they are fraud and completely lack customer service plus their staff are unprofessional and don’t even guide properly.

Once you sign up this company after that you are left at your own. No one will call you and when you call them they will always be in hurry to keep. They will never give you proper and alternate solution which are acceptable and if by your own research you tell them the solution, then they will accept that this solution is also available but own their never guide you as they at least bother that your case goes through because they have already got their money. They make you sign contract that if you cancel the file before express entry is created they will deduct 2000 dollars as they have devoted their staff to help you complete your documentation, but their staff never devote their time or support you in completing the documents. I have dealt with different staff in all section staring from Sales, Documentation, Cancellation and account department. All are having same unprofessional approach. Finally, I decided to cancel my contract that too when all my documents were ready to be lodged because of their such irresponsible and unsupportive behavior. When I complained about such approach to the so -called management of the company they are simply defending their staff and nobody tried to call and understand the ground reality.

I made a big mistake by signing with this company last year 2016 without doing online check about them and one reasons for that was that till the time I signed with them, I didn’t know that Premiers Management Consultancy and Global Migration services are one and same thing. Till the time of contract signing and all the license displayed in the office where for Global Migration Services which has no reviews online, however website is full of bad reviews about Premiers Management Consultancy. Even there is facebook page sating Stop Dealing-Premier Immigration Consultant in UAE. I wish if I would have studied these reviews prior to signing than I could have save the huge amount paid to them for nothing.


It is really a fraud company.. I have visited Premiers in 2011(Dubai) and paid total around 12000 AED (approximiately 3300 US$). In the first meeting, they told me & my family that my case is so much strong and i will get visa in maximum a year….After few months, they asked me that some procedure in point system is changed and I need to give French language test also to gain minimum 1 point….I have paid them for French language classes + have appeared for French language examination too…after getting the good results when I have approached again to Premiers, they told me that now my occupation is not in the list and need to wait for the right time to apply….Finally, I have chased them for more than 5 years but no any proper response was received from them….all time they were asking me to pay more for some new reasons….and they never even called me on single time after my payment done….they never took any initiative…no proper support…mis-guided me….I lost my few years….seriously disappointed from them….Finally, when i have claimed to refund my money…they haven given me lots of excuses…after lots of mails and talks, I received only around 25% money of what I paid to them….I strongly suggest to everyone to not trust to such agents….don’t waste your money and your time. Thanks to this website to get knowledge about the actual things.

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Courtesy of Canadian VISA Review