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Arthur Gehl of VIA - AG fame whose investors assert that they have been defrauded in a Ponzi Scam using the manner of Crypto Currency and are screaming for the return of their money or the so called Bitcoin and/or Crypto Currency that Arthur Gehl promised each investor.  However, for months investors have been calling Arthur and his wife and partner Roxanne Gehl to "cash in" some of the Bitcoin and all they have received were weak and silly stories blaming the banks for this mishap.

Three weeks ago Arthur Gehl was in Florida with one of his lawyers purchasing expensive real estate including a SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR ($7,000,000.00 USD) Beach Villa in Miami trying to secret as much money as possible before he was to be arrested, which he was in Germany and still incarcerated in a German Jail. Financial Crime Analysts are now conducting searches in the State of Florida of recent purchases either in the name of Arthur Gehl or recent registration of offshore companies; such as, from the Caribbean Island of Grenada, British Virgin Islands or Cayman Islands that have purchased properties. Arthur needs to hide that money quickly, but money can be traced and tracked!

Last week VIA-AG and someone using the name and on behalf of Arthur Gehl issued a new bulletin to try to calm the victims who have lost most of their life savings from filing complaints with Law Enforcement and Regulators in Germany; however, the notice did not work, because several victims are now submitting statements of the promises and disappearance of their money. Arthur Gehl is still in custody; however, he continues to consult with his law firm in Germany.

"Current information from VIA-A.G .: Dear customers, In the past two weeks, we have received numerous inquiries from customers asking about the holdings of the assets they have entrusted to us. In this context, inaccurate reports and rumors of allegedly criminal offenses have been spread. The purpose of these completely non-factual representations apparently is to damage us and our business activities over the long term. We expressly disapprove of this procedure and reserve the right to take legal action against those responsible for it. In fact, due to a hint not from us - and also not from customers - the customer assets in the access of our company were officially completely secured overnight. As far as we know, these values ​​completely cover possible customer claims. However, we cannot currently dispose of it. We have nonetheless taken legal help without hesitation in order to have this official procedure fully checked for legality and to regain the right to dispose of all values ​​in the interests of our customers. This process has now been going on for around two weeks. We continue to do everything possible to avoid any conceivable disadvantages for our customers and our company and to act in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. We will inform you as soon as all necessary steps have been successfully carried out. You can view the current status at any time in our login at: Best wishes"

There are several accomplices of Arthur Gehl and it seems that they are staying up late on the computers to create silly excuses using the same methods as with Bernard Madoff who committed his Ponzi Scam in the amount of over $50,000,000,000 and/or as recently as the Ponzi Scam purpetrated by Noel Rosswell Strachan in the amount of over $260,000,000 who used the stolen money to invest in real estate also in Florida and who will shortly be arrested for Money Laundering in the USA.

We are continuing our investigation and will post updates on a regular basis, as our associates are now in Germany interviewing victims.

Contributed by Andrei Slavenkov - Financial Crime Consultant

Chronicles of Monte Friesner - Financial Crime Analyst  

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