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FROM THE - JOURNALS of Monte Friesner ~

Senior Advocate & Consulair for WANTED SA ~

Okke Ornstein has been on a diet of Bananas since being informed of all his Criminal Charges in the Republic of Panama which has affected his already demented Little Brain

Saturday September 24, 2011 >

The smut blog Bananama Republic which is actually owned by Okke Ornstein and is not registered nor incorporated anywhere in the world has again started to write his old and repeated stories about me in order to guide more traffic to his web site, which has been trying to raise money to live on. Okke Ornstein is a blackmailer and a poor one since his only means of income came from Mark Harris who he blackmailed for years and then turned on him when Harris refused to pay anymore extortion money.

Okke Ornstein tried to blackmail my family and I; however, I refused to pay to him a penny or to anyone. Yes I have a past and Okke Ornstein was advised by a former wife that I was a billionaire and I would pay millions not to have anything written about. Well Okke fell for the bait and called me!

“I want $50,000 or I will write about you.” This occurred in January of 2010 and of course I told Okke when he could go which is where all pedophiles belong so Okke writes fabricated stories and even posts naked photos of my wife which he obtained by having my stolen computer.

Okke Ornstein writes about events that happened over 20 years ago and of course has now revised the same stories, especially about my involvement in looting trillions of dollars of gold and cash from the Russian Government. Yes it is true that I represented many well known figures in Russia; such as Mikhail Zagrebelni and the former President Mr. Boris Yeltsin. And yes I also represented the former Chairman of the Russian Duma; however, about the looting of assets from Russia is further from the truth than the moon and exists in the feeble brain of Okke Ornstein.

The person who orchestrated with Okke Ornstein the story was convicted and sentenced to prison for fabricating the complete story in Russia and Okke Ornstein of course is heading to prison in Panama and convicted in abstentia. Okke Ornstein is a coward who hides behind a computer without an address; however, Okke Ornstein was able to hire someone to beat up an old man who is an important witness to Okke Ornstein's criminal activities in Panama. Okke would do anything to prevent going to prison which is his biggest fear

He loves to make comments on his own web site using alias names bragging about how "great Okke Ornstein is" and "it is great to have him back". Yes it is nice to have Okke Ornstein back and all the free publicity he is writing about me.

Okke Ornstein always desired to write stories similar to Tom Clancy, but alas Okke Ornstein has failed as he has failed at everything he has tried in his life, and in fact his life has been a wasted and feeble crime. His true purpose in life is blackmail, extortion and the fantasy of being rich. Okke is poor, penniless and broke and always begging for his readers to send money to him.

Okke Ornstein has created fraudulent charities; such as, "SAVE THE SLOTHS" in order to obtain money to live or the famous "TULIP FUND" which was an unlicensed securites scam and uncovered by the watchfull eyes of the Securities Commission in Panama and stopped.

I served my time and paid for my sins and wrongs 20 years ago and made a success of my life, which Okke Ornstein cannot took away by blackmail or extortion and neither by his Smut Blogs and postings. Better men than him have tried and failed and so has Okke Ornstein affectionately knows as "The Cowardly Cockroach of Panama", because of his filthy attire and he only comes out at night for fear he will be seen and spit on. 

Okke Ornstein loves to target my wife and daughter and often fabricates stories calls my wife a Russian Hooker, Fucking Cunt and sends letters to my daughter’s school advising them that my wife is a money launderer and a prostitute with over 1000 ladies working in Panama.

Okke even wrote that I am not the biological father of my daughter and fabricated stories about her birth. Okke really is demonstrating his true skills of having gone to school in the "Red Light District" of Amsterdam.

In Okke’s mind “This is Journalism”.

Okke Ornstein also loves to target my wife’s partner Lawrence B. Heath QC who was appointed as Queens Counsel and is 85 years old which claims that he is a criminal and dead causing pain and embarrassment to his family and friends. He is in fact a retired lawyer in Canada with a clean and credible reputation untarnished in all of his years of practice with one of the oldest and most respected law firms in Canada as a Senior Partner.

I have worked as counsel for Lawrence B. Heath QC for 27 years and I have never seen him spit even on the sidewalk. Okke Ornstein loves to attempt to associate me with my wife's companies in order to discredit her; however, this has not worked and she is successful.

Okke cannot even pay support for his children and never has.

In Okke’s mind “This is Journalism”.

Okke Ornstein also loves to target and tarnish the memory of J. Douglas Crashley who was a major & successful developer with Lawrence B. Heath QC for over 42 years. Crashley owned the largest Ford Distributorship in Canada and with Heath owned several hotels and manufacturing plants in both the USA and Canada.

J. Douglas Crashley was a Colonel in the Canada Armed Forces with the Governor General’s Horse Guards, which liberated Holland during WW2; served as Chairman of the Canada Board of Trade and served on many various committees for the betterment of Canada.

Crashley passed away in 2003 after battling a serious lung disease and his name was left and posted in Honor and Memory of a great soldier, friend and a humanitarian who gave away all of his assets to hospitals and the City of Toronto by his estate.

Okke loves to dishonor this man’s memory and continues to write sly and filthy remarks about J. Douglas Crashley.

In Okke’s mind “This is Journalism”.

Or is it?

You be the Judge! Okke is scared of Judges and Police!

WANTED SA kindly thanks DEA, FBI, Westlaw, Arutz Sheva, Associated Press, and all the Parties, Press, Journalists, Law Enforcement and Securities forces who have contributed to the many  articles and their sincere opinions and statements.

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