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THE CONTINUING SAGA OF "MR. ornstein" – FROM BLACKMAILER TO EXTORTIONIST TO JAILBIRD [no capital letters for ornstein]!!

WANTED SA has learned today that Mr. ornstein has just had five (5) more criminal charges filed against him by five separate individuals and/or organizations. Did we mention the number FIVE? Quite frankly, we here at WANTED SA are beginning to lose count re the total number of pending criminal actions against him, but the total number of these actions is now somewhere north of 20!

Did we mention the number TWENTY?

However, there is some good news for Mr. okke ornstein. Based on the criminal charges filed in Panama and the criminal charges facing him in the Netherlands, Canada, and Russia, ornstein will have no problem meeting his future living costs; such as, food, shelter, health care, etc.  He will most definitely receive excellent treatment in the various and sundry prisons here in sunny Panama.

Law enforcement officials in Panama were most interested in the story we wrote a few days ago about ornstein moving to Isla Taboga, as they no longer need to search for him in order to serve him with papers.

Way to go dumb-ass!

Herein [for those of you who still have no clue about some of ornstein's previous activities]: a truncated history of a serial criminal:

One of ornstein's most notorious scams revolved around the infamous TULIP FUND when he became directly involved in a series of criminal activities with his then partner, one Marc Harris [presently serving time in jail]. They managed to bilk investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars before investigators put a stop to their scam by arresting them.

ornstein was once asked what it was like working with Marc Harris, wherein he was quoted as saying "he [Marc Harris] was like a brother to me". That was before ornstein testified against him [his brother] in a court of law in order to save his own wothless skin.

Hey, with brothers like that you don't really need enemies.

ornstein then proceeded to marry Marc Harris' mistress [she is a Panamanian citizen] in the hopes of getting a residency card. Alas, said plan didn't work out so he left her in the lurch [with a couple of kids to boot]. He also beat the crap out of her before he left.

So clearly our boy, ornstein is capable of doing or saying ANYTHING to survive. [Warning to anyone who still harbors ornstein: Your day is coming soon. Be prepared to be screwed over as ornstein makes yet another dash for freedom, and if he has to step on your face to achieve it, he will have no compunction in doing so.

See, you've been warned, so you can't say sometime in the future: "but I didn't know". You did.]

 “I mean, it cost me only a 100 bucks to get someone's phone records, and bank account info is only slightly more, so go figure." This from the mouth of our guy. So what else is ornstein capable of doing?

Everything. How about murdering a dog?

how about shakedowns?

how about having his acquaintances physically attack/beat up other individuals who get in his way?

Yes, yes, and yes again. Notice, ornstein doesn't do the dirty work himself. He always gets a dumb-ass front man to do it for him. 

What a guy!

Paraguas Books is one of his latest ventures ["hey, ya' wanna be a published author - well step right this way, but first, first we have to talk about some money."]


Panama Immigration has advised one of our investigative lawyers here at WANTED SA that ornstein is attempting to use PARAGUAS BOOKS [an unlicensed company here in Panama] as a means of  gaining his long sought after residency card by stating that he works for this so-called "book company" and receives a monthly salary from them. Umm, noooo.

How about this one? "Saving the Sloths" - hey, please donate your buckarooes to saving the sloths of Panama". Like, yeah, right.

All monies to go directly into my pocket, suckers.


In fact WANTED SA has recently been advised that ornstein is currently under investigation by several agencies here in Panama such as Immigration, the police, and the Ministry of Commerce. Interpol also has questions re Okke driver’s license, passport, and the use of several Netherland passport numbers he uses in Panama.

And then there is his strange obsession with pedophilia . . . what is that all about?

Say it isn't so, Mr. ornstein.

So the criminal charges pending against our boy keep piling up each week and clearly his crime wave in Panama is fast coming to an end. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Yo, ornstein, can you hear the clock?


We can.