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The news from Geneva, to the effect that the authorities have detained a computer technician from the firm's local Swiss office, and are investigating whether he was the source of the so-called Panama papers, the data theft, and subsequent disclosure, of millions of Mossack documents, showing dodgy offshore corporations formed its client, for obviously illicit purposes.

You may recall that the initial Mossack press release stated that the data theft was as a result of a massive computer hack. Now, the spin doctors working for the Mossack law firm are claiming it was an inside job, just as we declared, on this blog, several weeks ago.

The problem is that the arrest of the Swiss tech is in conflict with our original information, obtained months ago, from former MF staff members who, themselves, were selling MF data on the open market, from time to time. Our sources swear that the data theft took place, not in Switzerland, but in Panama.

Is Mossack Fonseca simply looking to distract investigators from the truth, or  does the law firm not want us to delve too deeply into its former employees ? Can they possibly tell us about the money laundering tactics that the Mossack partners engaged in, at Panamanian banks ? The sordid truth is in Panama, and Mossack does not want the press probing there.