BLACKMAILERS - Mark Brandon Timmons & Patricia Jean Timmons

BLACKMAILERS - Mark Brandon Timmons & Patricia Jean Timmons

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The Web Designer who came to work for Tatiana and Friesner about the middle of September of 2007; however, from evidence the designer was already communicating with Patricia Jean Timmons since about April of 2007. Right from the first day of employment the designer immediately switched all of the present web sites to “HIS OWN HOSTING COMPANY”, which is a reseller for “Go Daddy” and also switched all the emails to his own server. The Designer now controlled every web site and every email and was able to intercept all correspondence for the use of the conspirators.

The Designer then started sabotaging all the web sites so that he could earn extra money by creating new web site and also The Web Designer by March of 2009 embarked on a more lucrative business of stealing Information, Documents, Bonds, Servers, Computers, etc., from the office with the assistance of Mark Brandon Timmons. These were turned over to Okke Ornstein who confessed on his own web site that he was in possession of the stolen material.

The designer did receive on two occasions $5,000.00 each time in August and then again in September from Tatiana for return of private photos stolen from the server system and in November of 2009 Tatiana filed Criminal Charges with the District Attorney in Panama. The Blackmailers “OKKE ORNSTEIN, THE WEB DESIGNER, MARK BRANDON TIMMONS and PATRICIA JEAN TIMMONS were now being revealed and discovered.

During the first week of September Mark Brandon Timmons tries his last attempt to reconcile with Friesner and “spilled the beans” accusing his own mother, the designer and Okke Ornstein or orchestrating this blackmail scheme. Mark Timmons became angry and upset when confronted that the designer already received $10,000.00 and that Friesner and Nazarova will not pay any more blackmail money even if it was for the return of naked photos of Tatiana Nazarova.

Mark Brandon Timmons was ordered to leave the home and never to return. Timmons went into a rage and threatened that “his mother will destroy both Friesner and Nazarova) with the aid of Okke Ornstein.

Ornstein did exactly the same thing and inform on Marc Harris when Ornstein “was caught like a Rat in a Trap”. No honor in the realm of the low life criminals.

WANTED SA has conducted an intensive due diligence and reports that The Designer, Patricia Jean Timmons, Mark Brandon Timmons teamed up with Okke Ornstein; the “SMUT BLOGGER OF PANAMA” who has multiple Criminal Charges already in Panama and the Crime Organization was formed to extract money from Friesner. Ornstein who has been involved in numerous fraudulent schemes in Panama; such as, Marc Harris, Tulip Fund begins using the archives that Patricia Jean Timmons has accumulated on Friesner and has used many times previously to harass and stalk Friesner.

Of course Ornstein fails to mention that his partners – MARK BRANDON TIMMONS, his mother PATRICIA JEAN TIMMONS (who was a former wife 35 years ago of Friesner and THE WEB DESIGNER devised a Criminal Plot to Blackmail and Extort vast amount of money from Monte Friesner and his wife Tatiana Nazarova dating back to March of 2009.

Ornstein is well noted for creating “Alias” characters from his email addresses, which he uses to promote his SMUT BLOGS and for his blackmail activities started with The Designer and Timmons under the guidance of Big Fat Mama Timmons telling them that “Friesner is worth billions and will pay big to them”.

The phony emails and letters stated coming in to Tatiana, Monte and other staff members in the office immediately from about March 3, 2009. “Old Boy Friends” started to write to Tatiana requesting financial assistance from amounts of $400,000.00 to $1,000,000.

UPDATE # 1: WANTED SA was advised this morning of Tuesday August 31, 2010 that The Designer was able to ‘scrap” enough money to hire a lawyer to defend himself and “His Hosting Company” as they are both facing a multitude of Criminal Charges and a long term in prison if convicted.

For anyone seeking a Hosting Company and a Programmer that will steal documents, electronic equipment, software, email and confidential photographs without any ones knowledge, we highly recommend This Web Designer and His Hosting Company. Just contact us for the names!