Edwin Sanchez-Gonzalez

Edwin Sanchez-Gonzalez

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Photograph taken in 2006 Photograph age progressed to 6 years old

Date of Birth: January 23, 2004
Place of Birth: Orange County, North Carolina

Sex: Male
Hair: Black

Height: 3'0" (at the time of his abduction)
Eyes: Brown

Weight: 25 pounds (at the time of his abduction)
Race: White (Hispanic)


Edwin Sanchez-Gonzalez has been missing from Siler City, North Carolina, since October 1, 2006. He is reportedly with family in Mexico, but the exact location is unknown. It is alleged that Edwin was taken to Mexico illegally by a family member who is now in custody.



The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the location and subsequent return of Edwin Sanchez-Gonzalez.