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We’re not really crazy about having advertisers from individual companies on our site, but if you insist and are willing to pay royally for it we might consider carrying your publicity. Shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll think about it."

Wanna' hazard a guess how many sponsors orenstein has on his website? Did you say none? Well, bring the man a prize!

WANTED SA has uncovered a sinister group operating in Panama under the guise of The Isthmian which is headed up by no other than the “Slut Blogger of Panama” himself, one Mr. o.ornstein. Here is another strange concept - Okke Ornstein steals the name Isthmian from the real owners and never incorporates nor registers his name but use the entity with illegal and criminal intent.

Stupid or too cheap?

This is yet another blog operated by Mr. o.ornstein to hoodwink readers. Herein he writes wonderful stories about how great one Rachel Divine is, and he has endorsed her Yoga Therapy whole-heartily. o. ornstein promotes said yoga therapist; a woman who claims she can cure cancer, heart disease, and other insidious diseases, when ever he can.

Kinda' scary, wouldn't you say?

We wonder if Rachel Divine knows a Freida Von Westerly, since it seems both of them came to the same party a couple of Fridays ago? Then again no one in Panama seems to have met this Von Westerly woman, so maybe she and Rachel is one and the same person?

Hmmmm . . .

Rachel Divine further stated in the same story by Okke Ornstein:     

"It was not my first attempt to fight physical discomfort with the ancient Eastern practice. Many years ago, in Holland, I went to have dinner with a friend who announced that a lady friend of his would join our table as well. After about 20 minutes a well known porn star entered the restaurant wearing a track suit and, answering my surprised look, she said that she had arrived straight from yoga class. Yoga, she explained, made her relax after the trials of another day of hard work and she went to class twice a week. I nodded understandingly. Working in the audiovisual industry can be a drag on the body.

“I often have back pain after a day of shooting, do you think yoga would help?” I asked her.

“Yes, of course. If you want I can take you to a class”, she replied.

That point scored, we ordered wine and appetizers and my friend, a bit worried about where this was going, retook control of the conversation and steered it towards safer subjects that wouldn't invoke uncontrolled visits to stretch sessions. But later on I asked again, “Would you know of any exercises I could already do in anticipation of yoga classes?”

“Yes, you should try this and this” – and she started an explanation of weird movements I should make to make the back pain disappear.

“Can’t you just show me?” I asked. And there I was lying on the floor of the restaurant with the acclaimed adult movie star on top of me pushing and pulling my arms and legs and what not. My friend watched it in disbelief and despair. The owner of the establishment brought another bottle of wine, quietly shaking his head.



Interesting point here: Rachel Divine’s best and only girl friend in Panama is a Ms. Kimberlyn David who also writes for the The Isthmian, but we must remember that Ms. Kimberlyn David is the partner of Mr. o. ornstein in Paraguas Books, another one of their joint scam operations.

Got a lot of money?

Send it to us and we will get your book published.

Rachel Divine told everyone at the aforementioned party that Ms. Kimberlyn David happens to be the last love in the life of o. ornstein and, of course, his partner in a great many business operations. How quickly o. ornstein has forgotten his other great love, Marc Harris.

Now the plot thickens as WANTED SA uncovers a secret: In point of fact, Ms. Kimberlyn David once worked for the web designers that ornstein wrote about; however, was fired for good and just cause.

She was the proof reader on all of the new web sites.

How convenient for o. ornstein to be able to tap into the computer banks of dozens of companies here in Panama?

o. ornstein writes: "Talking about Pronto Cash, it appears that mediocre web design companies are competing for credits for the design of the no less mediocre Pronto Cash website. We were first alerted to a blurb on the site of hilimedia.com announcing the launch of pronto-cash.com in Panama. Hilimedia is part of a business network that includes one Ursula Kiener Ford and appears to be run by one Mackenze McAleer who is on the face of it not just a bad web designer (templates with minor adjustments is as good as it gets) but obviously doesn’t do any due diligence or vetting of his clients either.

“Yet, when we actually visited the pronto-cash.com website, on the bottom of the page it gives a design credit to something called Design Compass Corp, owned by a guy called Ivan Komlev, and which on its portfolio page features similarly horrendous designs to that of Hilimedia. And again, it seems that the vetting process for new clients is not part of the business process there either. “

These people just accept whichever crazy antisemitic crook knocks at their front door as their valued customer."

(This is the only truthful statement ornstein has ever made – No one checked out who Kimberlyn David was.)

"So, who really did design the Pronto-Cash.com page? The only explanation we can come up with is that unscrupulous designers have somehow made an agreement to share the blame for that trainwreck of a website. Not that it’s very important, but crappy web design seems to be the common denominator among the expat crowd that hangs out with Friesner

More to follow on this story. And as always, you, the readers, will be the ultimate judges.

UPDATE: Tuesday November 02, 2010:

WANTED SA received notice today that Criminal Charges are being filed against Ms. Freida Von Westerly/ Ms. Rachel Divine/ and, of course, Ms. Kimberlyn David.

Are you three legal to work in Panama?

We will let the police and the courts of Panama invoke justice on the above trio.

Hey girls, get some good lawyers because you are going to need them?

Laugh fools! Ornstein just fxxxd all of you again!!!