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Help Defend Bananama Republic! [yeah, like right!!!!]

Yes Okke Ornstein is once again on his knees . . . begging for money to save his rapidly crumbling criminal empire!

"Make a donation NOW to help us fight the good fight" [enriching me]

a)   “Yes, please send money to Pay Pal so I can survive because I am totally penniless, with no home, money, or friends, and I am scared of going to prison and being Alfredo's [or is it Manuel's?] bitch. I hear that in prison the inmates like “Dutch Treat".

Okke goes on to say:

"In case you hadn’t noticed from our articles on Bananama Republic we are  under legal assault. Canadian scammer Monte Friesner has filed no less than THREE criminal defamation complaints against us."


Let's get started here by correcting some of the many lies made by Mr. Orenstein. The public should know who they might be sending money to. IF they are sending any money at all [see below]? Who knows, with any luck, you might actually be his next blackmail victim [if, that is, he can find out something 'bad' about you . . . and if not, he is more than willing to fabricate something/anything about you for a decent payday].

FACT: Monte Friesner does not own Pronto Cash in part or in whole and he never has.

FACT:  The correct number of criminal charges presently pending against
Ornstein.org, Bananama Republic, and Okke Ornstein is well over 10 [and these stem from three separate countries].

FACT: Orenstein is having a a great deal of trouble raising ANY money for his legal defense. Most attorneys in Panama  won't go near him with a ten foot pole - even if he had the money.

FACT: Ornstein has attempted to obstruct justice by trying to terrorize the lawyers for Pronto Cash [one of his extortion victims] by writing anonymous letters to them and their employees.

FACT: Ornstein and his partners stole nude photos of one of his victims and then offered to sell them back to her. When she refused, he published the photos.

FACT: Each criminal charge Okkefeenokee is facing is totally different from the other charges and, in fact, deals with entirely different issues.

FACT: Friesner has never offered free lawyer service to anyone who wanted to file a criminal complaint against him.

If you love facts - as we do - then question Okkefenokee about his involvement in The Tulip Fund, Save the Sloths Foundation, Paraguas Books, and his real relationship with Marc Harris. But be prepared to take a cleansing shower right afterwords. Okke smells!

Another Fact: Gustavo Garcia de Paredes only abandoned his suit against Ornstein when he found out that Ornstein was broke and the home Okkefeenokee lived in in Arraijan was not his. Okke counts that as a victory.

OK! So what are we really saying here? Simple: If you still want to donate money to Ornstein, please do your own due diligence [and check on the above facts], and then decide if you are not just pissing your money away on a man who wouldn't know the truth if it came up to him one day on the street and smacked him in the face.

We here at WANTED SA believe it is finally time to remove this piece of !@#$#@! from the streets of Panama and put him behind bars [for a whole lot of years] where he belongs.