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Fact # 1:      

Okke Ornstein writes that Monte Friesner's law firm is Blandon & Young; however, with a little bit of checking our fearless reporter - no, blogger!] could have verified that his statement was totally wrong.

Fact # 2:

Jose Luis Garcia, the actual lawyer for Tatiana Nazarova, does NOT work for Blandon & Young [and has never worked for them].

Fact # 3:

Jose Luis has never - as Okke wrongfully claimed - spent 4 years in prison.

Fact # 4:

Monte Friesner is NOT now under investigation by MasterCard - and never was.

Fact # 5: Lawrence B. Heath QC is not dead and never has been [as far as Wanted SA knows].

Fact # 6:

Monte Friesner has never assumed the identity of Lawrence B. Heath QC.  Mr. Heath is alive, healthy, and actually tried to meet with Okke Ornstein several times, but Ornstein refused to meet him [umm, Okke must have 'forgotten' this little detail].

Fact # 7:

Gustavo Perez never killed or beheaded Valentin Palacios as Okke - without the slightest shred of evidence - claims.

Fact # 8:

Okke Ornstein never told the public that he and an associate tried to blackmail an older man who use to live in Casco Viejo and when they were unsuccessful, Okke Ornstein labeled the man a “Pedophile”  on his 'slut blog' with NO evidence [see the pattern?]. The older man was then physically assaulted and badly beaten up by person/persons unknown.

Fact # 9:

Okke Ornstein claims he never knew about the murder and poisoning of the pet poodle of the daughter of Tatiana Nazarova; however, he actually printed the name of the poison used in the killing and quoted the exact words that the killer used after the commission of the crime. Neither was part of the public record at the time he wrote his article. Makes you wonder, no?

There are dozens of other examples that Wanted SA could list but we think you, the reader, get the idea: Okke Orenstein is an out and out LIAR. He lies because it is Tuesday and he lies because the moon is out. He lies each and every time he writes one of his so-called hit pieces. He doesn't just embroider the truth, he bends it, twists it, and manufacturers it from the dankest corners of his febrile little mind. Remember: Reality has no meaning to a psychopath.

He lies in order to lend credibility to his poorly researched articles; he lies in order to evoke false passion in his few readers and his few remaining lapdogs; he lies because he wants to use his words to extort money, to extort free meals from a restaurant, to extort free drinks from a bar, to extort a free motor scooter [hey, I can really write a good article about your company . . . orrrrr a really bad one. You choose]. 

Now that Okke is being confronted by the judicial system here in Panama [by Wanted SA's count there are now OVER 20 SEPARATE WARRANTS [[FOR HIS ARREST ]]AND/OR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS NOW ON-GOING!!!! Let us here at Wanted SA repeat that: OVER 20!!!!!

And when Okke Ornstein was finally confronted by the Courts in Panama he started to rant and scream that he was being persecuted and the courts are corrupt and they are politically motivated, which gives him the excuse NOT to defend himself in a court of law, but to scurry into hiding - usually in Costa Rica.

Hardly the actions of an innocent man! But what he fails to mention [because he is a SERIAL LIAR] to his few readers and his fewer remaining lap-dogs is that the first trial he will face pits an ex-pat against an ex-pat. In short, the government of Panama and the powers that be in Panama could care LESS who wins this first of many cases.

That means the playing field will be level. That means the trial will be fair.

That means the side with the most compelling evidence will win.

But since Okke's evidence is manufactured and is false, since his multiplicity of lies will come out under cross examination, the outcome of the case is - in our humble opinion - a foregone conclusion.

Okke [a.k.a. Mr. Credibility - NOT!!] IS GOING DOWN! No 'ifs', no 'buts' - only when.