Bananama Republic owner Okke Ornstein has to wear Baby Diapers now!!

Bananama Republic owner Okke Ornstein has to wear Baby Diapers now!!
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Bananama Republic owner Okke Ornstein has to wear Baby Diapers now!!

Okke Ornstein (The Smut Blogger of Panama) is “shitting in his diapers” because he has been summoned for trial in Panama>

A court date is being now set for his trial [the first of some 13 separate criminal charges Ornstein is presently facing!] in Panama [there are also five other cases in the preliminary stages of investigation - for a grand total of 18 criminal cases in all- pending and/or actual against our slut blogger]. What-a-guy!  18! In the past Ornstein has been imitating a Cockroach and has been able to hide in dark crevices and holes everytime a light is shined on his criminal activities until now he is facing prison time for real.

No more bullshit stories from Ornstein about there was no Dutch Translator for him as he lied previously, because there is a Dutch Translator who is certified and ready for the trials to come.

However, Ornstein recently posted and boasted on "Bananama Republic" that he will NOT show up at any court in the Republic of Panama for any of his trials because he believes all of the courts in Panama are corrupt and/or biased against him.

Why would Ornstein make such a 'crazy' statement as he boasts that he has never been to trial?

For the past ten years Okke Ornstein has demonstrated his complete and utter disrespect for the laws of Panama and he has been committing crimes ranging from [get this list!] securities fraud, blackmail, libel, theft, possession of stolen goods, forgery, and much, much more - so we understand well why he refuses to submit to a trial in Panama.

Okke, like Wild Bill, has always sought out individuals with a 'past' or former convicted felons, and then he goes about blackmailing them because he believes they are the among the most vulnerable of people who do not want their former lives brought into the public light again.

However, when these people refuse to pay Okke Ornstein, as they often do, he is more than willing to attack their family [including their children], their lawyers, their banks, their friends, and their associates. Yes, this pathetic loser once actually posted nude photos of another man’s wife, printed that she was a Russian prostitute, contacted her eight year old daughter’s school, contacted her banks and directors of her banks, wrote that her business partner was actually dead and that her own husband had assumed his identity and, to cap it all off, that she was a Madame who had over 1,000 prostitutes working for her in Panama.

Okke Ornstein is clearly a PSYCHOPATH who often jokes about the criminal charges he is now facing [talk about a lack of reality], but the jokes have now become a reality and he is at present a hunted fugitive hiding out somewhere in Panama or another nearby country.

Awww, Okke, Okke, come out, come out - where ever you are - and play with us. 

On October 7, 2010 Okke Ornstein posted on his slut blog, "Bananama Republic", his utter contempt and his utter scorn for the courts of Panama. WANTED SA invites you to read his article and form your own opinion:

Question: What do Martin Luther King Jr., Che Guevera, Joan of Arc, and Mahatma Gandhi have in common  with Okke Ornsetein? The Answer: NOTHING! Absolutely nothing.

But if you  ask Okke that same question,  he will tell you he has a right to stand alongside of those icons in the fight for justice, truth, and the [American?] way. That's why, of course, he is a psychopath. He can convert anything [in his own mind only] such that he becomes the hero [a legend in his own mind] of the story. But he is , in reality, only a pathetic,  evil smelling [literally not figuratively] man who is, by any definition of right and wrong, only a petty little criminal with a computer.

Of course we encourage Okke to come to trial and submit any and all proof/evidence that he says he has to the courts, but he won't. He can't. After all, he already has a built in excuse for NOT showing up in court ["I can't get a fair trial."].

"Wanted SA's answer to that: If it looks like B.S., if it talks like B.S., and if it smells like B.S. - it is B.S.!

Of course, after Okke Ornstein finishes his,ahem, crime fighting career here in Panama he can always move to Canada. But wait! He also has criminal charges pending against him there.

Well then, how about the Federation of Russia? Nope. You guessed it - Ornstein has criminal charges pending against him there too.

WANTED SA has also been advised that Okke Ornstein may try and hide and/or run [there are rumors that he is already in hiding and has been for the past 20 or so days], but let THE WORD go out from this day forth: His many victims are even now talking about hiring bounty hunters to legally bring Okke Ornstein to justice where ever he may be hiding!!!

His victims are finally banding together and using the courts and the laws to protect themselves from the slut blogger/extortionist. And someday soon [not if, but when!] Ornstein will finally face justice, that which he has always denied his victims by hiding behind his convenient mask: I'm a journalist. I have a right to print the truth [as I see it or imagine it].

[Although, it is interesting that on more than one occasion Okeefeenokee has actually denied being a journalist. "I am only a blogger." Wait, today is Tuesday, I AM a journalist after all. ["I yam what I yam."]

Okke Ornstein and his little band of merry men who write comments on Bananama Republic and advise him to go to OAS or make himself scarce before the "Boogie Courts" get him are a joke and most of them have a past from Germany, Serbia and even Austria; however, none of them are contributing to the legal assistance that Okke Ornstein is begging for.

The big light is on Okke Ornstein and there are not too many crevices left to hide in!!

No more games, psychopath! Reality is about to bite you in your ass - with or without your diapers on.