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WANTED SA has recently been informed that ornstein is continuing more of his malicious attacks on anyone who dares to tell the truth about him and his partners in crime, including one Ms. Kimberlyn David and, Ms. Freida Von Westerly a/k/a Ms. Rachel Divine [far less than divine].

Those who know ornstein know that he has created a long list of phony personas, so that his website looks like it has a few followers when, in fact, it does not. Examples of these phony/balony people are:

  • Dick Wazinya
  • Dr. Dias
  • Rev. Chuck U. Farley
  • Shanita Ramdin (Who is actually a real person, but is in reality a friend of Mr. Friesner who ornstein claims he speaks for). The first three on the list are made up names for made up people who do not exist except in orensteins' demented little mind. He probably talks to them at night when he lays awake contemplating why his own life is such a total train wreck.

If you ever read these fictional people commenting on this topic or that, remember they are merely figments to make it look like some people/any people actually give a damn about the trash he writes. Hey, did you see what Dr. Dias had to say about this or that?

orenstein, you are pathetic. And a loser. Repeat after us: orenstein is a loser! 

ornstein is most definitely insane in creating the above phony people and if he actually believes that people believe they exist he is most definitely snorting too much cockroach shit.

Then comes his phony claims that Mr. Freisner had problems with many of his employees. Blow the following out your ass, ornstein:

 1.) "We’re told that Maribel González, of the accounting department, also left Friesner’s hellhole."

****   In fact, Ms. Gonzalez gave her employer, Pronto Cash, 30 days notice as she received an offer for a much higher salary. Ms. Gonzalez received a sizeable bonus from Pronto Cash when she left and is still working as a consulting auditor for Pronto Cash. Ms. Gonzalez also states that she did not work for Mr. Friesner but rather for Ms. Tatiana Nazarova & Financiera Pronto Cash. [Get your few facts correct, ornstein.] Ms. Gonzalez has NEVER met nor spoken or corresponded with either ornstein, or Kimberlyn David, or Rachel Divine.

2.) Jahaira Morris: "Quit after 1 week."

****   Ms. Morris has an autistic son and after borrowing $600.00 for a medical loan from Pronto Cash was never heard of again after receiving the money. To this date, no interest or any form of payment has been received by Pronto Cash.

3.) Yasireth Mas: "Sexual harassment, Friesner told everyone she had gonorrhea."

****  Ms.  Mas was dismissed for spending more time on Facebook than at her job. ornstein’s speculation about sexual harassment is a blatant lie and a complete fabrication.

Mr. Friesner has never told anyone that she had gonorrhea and would not have any knowledge of this in any case. Strange how ornstein would know this without ever speaking to Ms. Mas - nor has she ever spoken to Kimberlyn David or the less than divine, Rachel Divine.

4.) "Lisseth Hall: Filed a criminal complaint against Friesner for sexual harassment."

****   Ms. Hall borrowed $550.00 for university fees which was a total lie. Ms. Hall was dismissed by the chief auditor for wearing unprofessional and unsuitable clothing, which she purchased with the the 'university money' she borrowed. To date, no interest payments or the loan has been repaid.

5.) Marina Piano: "Was his assistant and Friesner accused her of theft without ever backing up that claim or filing a complaint."

****  Ms. Piano was not an assistant of Mr. Friesner! Ms. Piano borrowed over $50,000.00 [!!!] from Pronto Cash and repaid ALL of the the money. Ms. Piano received an offer of a higher paying position and she accepted that position.

6.) Shirley Rios: Friesner’s in-house lawyer. "She quit when Lisseth Hall quit because she was Hall’s witness".

****  Ms. Rios is an accomplished lawyer and she was not the in-house lawyer of Mr. Friesner, but of Tatiana Nazarova. Ms. Rios did, indeed, resign and she accepted a position with a major law firm in Panama. After all, she was/is a lawyer who wanted to practice law at a law firm.

Ms. Rios is an excellent lawyer and an individual who stills keeps in contact with Pronto Cash. She has never spoken nor corresponded with Okke Ornstein, Kimberlyn David or the afore-mentioned Divine [not so much].

7.) Claudia Espinosa: "Worked at the Panama sailing school and quit."

****   Yes, she did work for a short time at the Panama Sailing School and for Monte Friesner. She was dismissed for spending more time at home than at the office.

She also has never spoken to Okke Ornstein, Kimberlyn David or not-Divine. 8.) Lucy Cardoze: Kicked out, "Friesner accused her of spying".

**** Spied for who? "Okke The Ripper"?

Ms. Cardoze was dismissed by Friesner because Panama Sailing School required a manager and not an expert with Yahoo Messenger and Facebook. She also has stated that she has never spoken to Okke Ornstein, Kimberlyn David or The Less than Divine.                     

9.) Yoel and Patricia: "Fired from the Panama Sailing School for unknown reasons".

****  Yoel & Patricia were never fired from Panama Sailing School.

They rented a studio office from Panama Sailing School at the cost of $600.00 per month. However, many paintings went missing and no rent was ever paid to the school. Yoel & Patricia also received a private mooring at a cost of $500.00 per month; however, no money was ever paid.

Yoel & Patricia came to the main offices in a panic because they needed money and a lawyer to assist them in a serious problem with immigration in Panama, because of legal problems. They borrowed a total of $2,600.00 for legal and court costs. No interest or repayment was ever made by either of them.

During the night, after receiving the last amount of loan money, all of the art work and Patricia & Yoel disappeared from the office of the sailing school.

10.) Luz Moreno: "Fired from the Panama Sailing School. Friesner alleged that she was using the office to prostitute herself – after she had rejected his advances."

****   Surprise!!! orenstein lies again [and again]. Ms. Luz is a mother of 2 children and is from Colombia and use to bring her children over every weekend to the home of Mr. Friesner for play time with the daughter of Mr. Friesner.

Ms. Luz was unable to obtain a legal work permit from Panama and Panama Sailing School cannot be exposed to having illegal employees.

12.) Evijaem da Luz: "Quit."

****   Ms. Luz was an excellent worker for Pronto Cash; however, she was not legal in Panama and had to return to her own country with her mother.

13.) Martha Serrano: "Fired."

****   For good and legal cause!

And then little ornstein guy writes:

"The coming and goings of employees at Friesner’s offices is not mirrored by the frequency of new clients coming in, sources tell us. Pronto Cash, the prepaid card flagship of the Friesner Panama network, is not attracting many customers."

****  Interesting point: Not one of the above employees - and we contacted everyone of them! - have ever spoken to ornstein/ David or the not-so-Divine!!

The whole story then was bogus. Can you believe it? ornstein lying. [Impossible!] Then again, his entire adult life has been a lie.

So maybe he did lie [see the 13 items above].

Devineless is also a liar, of course. The only thing then left for Wanted SA to determine is what role the David character has to play in all of this.

Yoga Therapist without credentials and Medical License.

Whew! What a group. The gang who could shoot straight.