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Sunday April 08, 2018 and even though we are a Financial Crime Investigating group, I decided to exert my disgust with the United Nations and the people of this world in being silent with the latest murderous attack by President Bashar Assad of innocent Syrians who only want peace and to raise their children; however, in two violent demonstrations in which 30 Palestinians were killed of which 10 were members of the terrorist Group HAMAS; the world screams with anti-semitic outcries and demands an investigation. What about the silent screams of the Syrian people gassed by Assad who cannot plead for mercy.

Where are the Camel Jockeys from the United Nations Security Council who insist on riding only in Mercedez Benz and dine in the finest restaurant and sell their precious votes to the high bidder? The world has created this criminal organization whose only subject is to try to destroy Israel. Does Israel not have a right to protect its people who some are Christians and also Palestinians from the terrorist initiated attacks of HAMAS?

I have been silent, which I believe is a worse crime than the journalists with their bullshit articles because one Palestinian Journalist without portfolio was shot by an Israel sniper from a crowd of thousands. Now Journalist will have to wear a headband identification asserting that they are a journalist and what is a journalist doing in a crowd trying to tear the wall built to protect Israel from terrorist attacks?

I am not going to post terrible photos showing the results of the Syrian Gassing Chamber, which in fact is a city nor photos of bloody Palestinians who have been hurt and/or also injured to gain sympathy. I have many close friends in Palestine and around the world and my heart is aching and my eyes are full of salty tears bringing pain to me; so where is the outcry people because we are all of the same blood and from the same Father?

White, Black, Yellow or whatever colour we are? Our blood runs the same colour; we cry the same pains and we share the same love for our children! Let us hear the outcry and not the bullshit articles; however, bombard the United Nations with eMail stating our disgust and silence.

Chronicles of Monte Friesner - Financial Crime Analyst