Richard A. Chichakli – Money Launderer

Richard A. Chichakli – Money Launderer
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Richard A. Chichakli – Money Launderer!!!

by Monte Friesner --

Financial Crime Consultant for WANTED SA ~

Tuesday October 12, 2010 ~

Richard A. Chichakli ~ Just who is the mysterious fugitive first profiled by The Dragon in July of 2001 and several years before he was designated or sanctioned by any government?  Richard A. Chichakli is the fugitive Texas Certified Public Accountant charged in the United States along with his Co-Defendant the accused arms trafficker Viktor Bout who is in Thailand at present with money laundering, wire fraud and the illegal purchase of two Boeing airliners.

But who is the real Richard Chichakli; was he Viktor Bout primary money launderer or something even more sinister? Perhaps a listing of this CPA as more obscure qualifications might assist us in arriving at a working theory, but whatever his agenda; he does appear to have had his hand in a number of "unusual" companies and operations.

Is he also an intelligence agent, and is that why he currently lives in Moscow?  What is his association with Dragon who is also suspected of being an intelligence agent who actually served in prison in the US? But who are they?

Take a look at these varied accomplishments; He is vastly overqualified to be a run-of-the-mill money launderer:

  • -    Born in Syria whose uncle served, as president of that country for more than two years; his father was once Chief of his country's  armed forces.
  • -    As a student in Saudi Arabia, he befriended the young Osama Bin Laden.
  • -    After immigrating to the United States, he served for several years in the United States Army, where his training included intelligence studies. It is claimed by some that he actually served in an intelligence officer, in some capacity, for the United States.
  • -    He holds an Accounting degree, and reportedly, a number of other certificates, including Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • -    His subsequent studies in the civilian world included air traffic control and related aviation disciplines. Why would an accountant go into aviation, especially in the Middle East?


At various times, he has claimed to be the spokesman for Viktor Bout, but at others to be only a functionary who merely formed companies for clients. Did he serve as Chief Financial Officer for companies that ran guns to fuel conflicts in developing countries, sometimes supplying opposing sides?

Perhaps we will only get the answers we need if he is eventually arrested, most likely somewhere outside Russia, and extradited to the United States for trial. 

The facts and opinions stated in this article are those of the author and not those of WANTED SA. WANTED SA does not warrant the accuracy of any facts and opinions stated in this article; does not endorse them, and accepts no responsibility for them.