Hunt Is On For DAVID MURCIA GUZMAN 200 Bearer Share Companies & Millions Of US DOLLARS.

Hunt Is On For DAVID MURCIA GUZMAN 200 Bearer Share Companies & Millions Of US DOLLARS.

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Written By:                      Kenneth Rijock - International Financial Crime Consultant
Contributed By:               Vladimir Feldman - Financial Crime Analyst 
Posted By:                       Andrei Slavenkov - Financial Crime Analyst


The universal publicity surrounding  the sketchy companies created by the outlaw law firm of Mossack and Fonseca, and appearing in the Panama Papers, may have spawned new interest in recovering the missing money from the massive DMG scandal.
A lawyer involved in the long-running efforts to recover funds for victims of the DMG pyramid scheme, operated by David Helmut Eduardo Murcia Guzmán, has stated that Murcia created over 200 additional corporations, located in Panama, to hide the proceeds of crime. Reliable sources have alleged that the Panama City law firm of Garrido and Garrido formed many of the corporations for Murcia. 
Several months after the fraudster's deportation, an unsuccessful assassination attempt was carried out against one of the Garrido partners, and Murcia's associates are believed to have been involved.
The DMG fraud, which started in Colombia, soon expanded to Panama, where there are reportedly over 1500 victims, who lost an estimated $15m. Two of the Panamanian DMG companies have been identified:

(1)  Grupo DMG Inversiones Inteligentes SA.
(2)  Grupo DMG Intelligent Cards Corp.

DMG is alleged to have earned $28m, between 2006 and 2008; he is also believed to have hidden billions of dollars of Cartel narcotics profits within DMG receipts, and moved them into Panama, for the purposes of money laundering. 
Much of that money was said to be laundered by the fugitive former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, through his Super 99 Market chain, and by Gary James Lundgren, the barred American securities trader, who purchased vast amounts of real estate with Murcia cash, and both later stole the fraudster's assets, both cash and real estate, when he was swiftly deported to Colombia, to face justice.
Gary Lundgren
We shall be monitoring the renewed investigation into locating the missing DMG assets.
Ricardo Martinelli