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ORNSTEIN [at long last]


~   WANTED SA wishes to inform the public that it has learned that several previously unknown victims of Okke Orenstein have recently come forward and have filed charges against him at the Fiscalia Divisions (Courts). By our count the number is now no less than: EIGHTEEN!!

Umm, that's eighteen, people. And that number does NOT count the many legal actions stemming from abroad [can you say Russia, Canada, and the Netherlands?].

For some reason, yet unknown to WANTED SA, during the last several months many more individuals AND companies have started to come forward. They have retained lawyers and filed their own criminal charges against the "Slut Blogger of Panama". Maybe it's something in the air?

These individuals and companies seem to be less and less concerned about having Ornstein print his usual assortment of lies about them, and so there is quite a groundswell of legal resistance presently being directed against Mr. Orenstein.  And we at WANTED SA say, amen. More power to these individuals and companies who have decided take the appropriate legal action against our 'slut blogger'.

And oh yes, as a footnote to all of the above, as of Friday, September 03, 2010, our sources tell us that Ornstein has been able to raise LESS than $100.00 for his legal defense! Mmmmm . . .  

It is also important to note that a few days earlier, on Tuesday, August 31, 2010, Ornstein made a brief appearance at the Court with Dutch, German and English translators all waiting for his Declaration, but Orenstein then promptly 'lost it' and began screaming at the court staff. After several minutes of this, showering them with various invictives and threats, he finally stormed out of the building after refusing to make any form of Declaration, except that he is not a Panamanian citizen, he is a Dutch National, and he is, therefore, here as a tourist and NOT subject to the laws of Panama.

It's true. Okke has been in Panama for some ten years now as a "tourist". The reason: He can NOT get the Netherlands police to issue him a document saying he has no criminal past and/or is not under criminal investigation. Without it he can NOT gain Panamanian residency.

And since he is ONLY a tourist, law enforcement and the courts here in Panama, he claims [incorrectly], do NOT have any legal right to arrest him nor to give him a trial because he is only a visiting journalist from the Netherlands.

Tricky little devil, no?

No. The Panamanian government has seen through this obvious scam and are proceeding to take action against him regardless of his bogus claims to the contrary.

As for his point about being a journalist, WANTED SA could NOT find one [!!!] accredited news organization that has deemed him so [or has him in their employ, i.e., on a salary]. Actually, he himself claims NOT to be a journalist, but only a mere blogger. Seems to us Orenstein wants it both ways. Either he is a journalist or he is a blogger. Which is it going to be today, Mr. Orenstein?

So in summation: It sounds to us at WANTED SA that our boy, Okke, has shot himself in the foot. Again!

What a guy?