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Okke Ornstein: likely to be extradited to Russia --

Okke Ornstein ‘The Slut Blogger of Panama” will probably be extradited to Russia in the next few months to stand trial on various fraud charges...

WANTED SA was informed this morning that prosecutors in the Federation of Russia will be seeking extradition for Okke Ornstein for several fraud related criminal offenses, or so says the National Police (FSB) in Russia. The FSB have discovered that Ornstein and accomplices have been distributing SPAM around the world using the name of the “DUMA” in an illegal manner in their posts to add legitimacy to their criminal activities.

However, in the Federation of Russia the distribution of forged and/or fraudulent statements or documents of any State Agencies or Government Ministries is a major criminal offense against the Federation of Russia punishable by a long term in prison upon conviction.

WANTED SA was advised this Thursday morning that a very wealthy Russian business has offered to pay for all legal, transportation, and extradition expenses as a gift to the Federation of Russia in order to punish Okke for demeaning Russia in an illegal manner as he has done continually in the last month on his Slut Blog known as www.bananamarepublic.com .

Ornstein, who is well known for his criminal activities of Slander, Blackmail, Libel, Fraud, Extortion here in Panama, and who is facing some serious jail time along with his several partners - Patricia Jean Timmons, her son, Mark Brandon Timmons, and a Web Designer (who was caught stealing software, documents, a server, and a computer) and, if they are convicted, all are facing very lengthy terms in prison.

Vladimir Kuznetsov (who is now sitting in a prison in Russia) and Okke Ornstein (who is about to go to prison for "Hate Crimes” in Russia) starting distributing a forged document known as “THE DUMA REPORT” on their respective Blogs in Russia and in the Republic of Panama. Both Ornstein and Kuznetsov are facing a maximum of 20 years in a Russian Jail.

Ornstein should be thrilled with this turn of events as he has finally achieved recognition as an international criminal.

Guess Panama wasn't big enough for him?

Like, right!