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WANTED SA has been in constant contact with our investigative lawyers in Russia and we have been informed today, Wednesday, September 01, 2010, that based on the “fraudulent and false” statements made by Okke Ornstein – A national of the Netherlands - that criminal charges of “Fraud for the Distribution of Forged Documents” using the "DUMA" (The Russian Congress) have been accepted by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor.

WANTED SA has recently confirmed [with the Deputy Chairman of the "DUMA"] that the statement used in the headline by Okke Ornstein [in "Bananama Republic"] is completely false and whose only intention has to be premediated fraud.

Authorities in Russia are now fully apprised of the criminal charges pending against Okke Ornstein, Ornstein.org and his website, "Bananama Republic" here in Panama.

The "DUMA" once again reiterated that there has never been any accusation[s] directed against Monte Friesner, Lawrence B. Heath, and/or Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation for any form of illegal activities.

Dear reader, it can't get much clearer than that, can it?

However, the headline in "Bananama Republic" said in part:

“The Russian State Duma (parliament) issued a report last year in which Monte Friesner (Монте Морис Фризнер), Lawrence B. Heath …”

No such report exists. No such report ever existed!

Therefore, the above statement, created and fabricated by Okke Ornstein on his website is a complete LIE and is part of a deliberate [criminal] intent to embarrass and cause harm to the "DUMA" and the Government of the Federation of Russia.

Okke Ornstein and "Bananama Republic" than made further statements referencing yet another non-existent report [in the words of Orenstein]:

“The report, in Russian (bad translation here), was published on April 20, 2009, and describes massive theft of Russian gold, silver, funds, helicopters, trucks and all sorts of other goods and illegal activities, totaling billions of dollars, perpetrated on behalf of members of the Yeltsin family, Russian oligarchs, and their associates:”

Said information was suppose to have come from a Russian blogger, one Vladimir Kuznetsov. The same Mr. Kuznetsov who is currently being investigated by Russian authorities. Mr. Kuznetsov, has already been charged with the forgery of various government documents. He is now facing up to twenty years behind bars. He has also been refused bond because he is considered a flight risk.

Okke Ornstein then went further and fabricated the following:

“So, what did Monte Friesner, Tatiana Nazarova and Lawrence Heath do with the money? In the course of our investigations, we stumbled upon another investigative report, which outlines the dealings and connections in Toronto, Panama and Colombia of various (former) Russian individuals with whom Friesner has done or intended to do business. The finance network as sketched in the two pictures below (click for bigger) is still subject to further analysis.”

Hey, maybe Orenstein should take up a new career . . . maybe as a novelist? Nahh, he no right so good.

UPDATE: Monte Friesner, Tatiana Nazarova, and Lawrence B. Heath have all been in contact with the Ontario Provincial Police and updates will be made public as soon as we here at WANTED SA learn of them.