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FROM THE - JOURNALS of Monte Friesner

Senior Advocate & Consulaire for WANTED SA ~

Florian Homm Possess Several Passports from Liberia, Switzerland, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, St. Kitts & more, more ~

Wednesday November16, 2011 >

Florian Homm has been using a multitude of passports in order to further to evasion and hiding the assets that he alleged to have stolen during the period of time that he worked in the securities profession. Now WANTED SA has 4 agents hunting all leads for the money from Panama to Brazil where the former wife seems to have gotten a fortune in just a few months and a loving mother in Spain who did not win the lottery but become wealthy overnight.

The trail of fraudulent money is lit up like a “trail of a skunk on full moon night” running from authorities; however it is only a short period of time where the assets will be discovered. In Brazil a considerable amount of real estate has been discovered and in Panama several bank accounts with substantial deposits.

Florian Homm is the tale of International Hedge Fund advisor for Absolute Capital Management who many think cheated clients and investors to the tune of some over $500 million. Of course this does not place him in the ranks of Madoff or Standford but it is a large sum.

The top executives at the firm was investment guru Florian Homm, a 6’8” former basketball player for Germany, holder of a Harvard MBA and several passports, who had had a stint at Merrill Lynch and Julius Baer. The other was Irish-born businessman Sean Ewing, who founded and launched the UK and European fund supermarket Funds Direct, which was sold to Egg and Prudential in 2002.                                                

ACM was founded in 2004, and in 2005 it acquired a series of existing funds that had been run by Homm since 2002. ACM was then listed on London’s AIM exchange in March of 2006. At ACM, Homm served as co-chief investment officer and Ewing served as chief executive officer and chairman. For a while, ACM and its funds enjoyed a relatively tranquil run on their way to a respectable $2.1 billion under management.

In the year of 2007, it all came crashing down. Ewing resigned in July of that year, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Two months later Homm also resigned; then vanished without a trace and of course with the money.

Recently Florian Homm was spotted in a bar in Granada, Nicaragua and was followed to a hostel; however, disappeared when alerted by another Dutchman hiding out in Nicaragua.

More to follow soon!

WANTED SA kindly thanks Vancouver Sun for the article and DEA, FBI, Westlaw, Arutz Sheva, Associated Press, and all the Parties, Press, Journalists, Law Enforcement and Securities forces who have contributed to the many  articles and their sincere opinions and statements.

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