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Okke Ornstein: Criminal Charges, Full Speed Ahead!

Panama demands that Okke Ornstein “go straight to Prison” -

WANTED SA has been informed this morning that several “Pro Panama” Groups have recently petitioned the Government of Panama to expedite the multitude of criminal charges pending against Okke Ornstein so that he can face justice in a more timely manner in order to protect the public and the Republic of Panama from his on-going crime spree.

The very few friends that Ornstein is still able to scrape together are of the opinion that Ornstein is a phony and off his rocker with his “insane” statements and articles. Not surprisingly, none of them has offered to pay for his massive legal fees. "Next to nothing" is the amount of money Mr. Okke has been able to raise to date on his [now blocked] websites.

Is this a case of the rats abandoning a sinking ship? We at WANTED SA believe so.

Ornstein claims to be a journalist one day and a blogger the next - depending on what best suits his needs or mood; however, what many of his supporters [an ever shrinking number] have found is that Ornstein is actually a blackmailer & an extortionist who has been committing criminal acts against people for years who tend to have a “past” such as former felons who are easy targets for his blackmail and extortion schemes.

Ornstein has been directly involved in many, many fraudulent scams over the years and even a brief perusal of this website will show you, the reader, the all too many examples of this.

From the information we have been able to uncover to date, Ornstein's total income is some $7.00 per day [!!!] [yeah, you read that correctly], this from his web site www.bananamarepublic.com. This, of course, does NOT take into account all of the monies he has been able to squirrel away over the years from his wide variety of scams and criminal activities. There is a saying about “DUTCH TREAT” & let us go dutch!

Hey, Okke, where are you hiding all of this money you have stolen from so many people? Come on, come clean. Your days of freedom are fast coming to an end - so fess up? Do you keep your ill-gotten gains here in Panama [maybe in a corporate account to help avoid detection]? Do you have secret bank accounts in Costa Rica or Nicaragua? Or maybe you just buried these monies in the ground in your backyard?

Curious minds want to know.

Wherever these monies are, we here at WANTED SA bet you haven't told your last few supporters about it for fear they won't donate any more money to keep you from going to jail?

On that, we would bet the farm.