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Okke Ornstein: The Tsunami Is Coming......                     

Life in general is full of surprises and many shocking events occur around the world at any given moment. In the Republic of Panama a shocking event came recently in the form of one William Dathan Holbert (Wild Bill), who was arrested and is being prosecuted for multiple killings here in Panama [and possibly in Costa Rica and the U.S. also].

In a short period of time “Wild Bill” and his accomplice[s] left a trail of butchered bodies in Panama and stole their properties. “Wild Bill” was targeting felons, former felons, and people with a past because they were easy targets for him.

Okke Ornstein “landed accidently on the shores of Panama” 10 years and began a career of crime - blackmailing and slandering individuals who also were felons, former felons, and people with a 'past', because he learned in the Netherlands that they make the best and easiest targets to steal assets, money, and anything of value from . . . just like “Wild Bill” had learned.

Did we state Serial Killers?

Okke Ornstein and William Dathan Holbert (Wild Bill) are cut from much of the same cloth and they both deserve to spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison, albeit for different reasons.

Ornstein deserves to be imprisoned for a longgggg time because of his association with various partners [such as Marc Harris] for the sole purpose of stealing, defrauding, blackmailing and extorting money from who knows how many victims?

“Pay me the $60,000.00 USD and I won’t write about you”. Instead of a gun or an ax Ornstein uses his various blogs such as "Noriegaville" which he was forced to close down by the Government of Panama [!!!!]; www.ornstein.org and www.bananamarepublic.com [now ordered for articles to be removed by the government of Panama!!!!], in order to harass and destroy people if they did not pay him money for his silence.

Amongst his many scams, Ornstein created The Tulip Fund, Save the Sloths, Paraguas Books, and many others.

Ornstein is not above threats and even violence to achieve his ends. Killing a dog, threatening banks, web designers, lawyers, members of his own family [and physically assaulting the mother of his children!!!!] and sending his transvestite lover to threaten plaintiffs who have filed criminal charges against him, and lots, lots more.

In a further demonstration of his cruelty AND his amorality, Ornstein even posted stolen nude photos on-line of one of his victims in order to force her to pay him extortion money. Actually, the payment of $5,000.00 went to Orenstein's lawyer, who in turn then gave the money [all of the money?] to Orenstein in a rather clumsy attempt by our "Slut Blogger" to cover his tracks.

Orenstein then posted lies, i.e., the photos came from his victim's husband [like, right!], which has been proven to the courts to be a complete fabrication. Ornstein then started to target and harass the victim’s 9 year old daughter in her school by sending notices that her father was not real.

What a scumbag. The victim's daughter??!!!

How low can a snake go?

His criminal empire in Panama has started to crumble. He was - before it was blocked - actually pleading on www.bananamarepublic.com for people to donate money to him in order to save his Smut Blog and to assist him in his future court battles.

Anyone who is still dumb enough to donate money to Orenstein is too dumb to understand that he is a liar, a thief, an extortionist, a blackmailer, and a common criminal hiding behind the veil of a "crusading blogger" [he admits he is NOT a journalist except when it can benefit him with the courts, and then all you hear is his screams and rants about how he is being persecuted by the government, by his victims, by everyone, and how his Freedom of the Press rights are being curtailed, blah, blah, blah]. How many dummies are there out there who still believe in this, his well practiced speach that he gives at the drop of a hat? Our sources tell us it is now less than ten.

Will justice finally prevail in Panama? Will "Okeefenokee" be locked away in a Panamanian jail for a long, long time?

Will any of his victims ever be compensated? Will many of the people who have come to loathe the very sight of him, throw a major sized party when that day comes when the prison doors close on him [you betcha'!]. 

Justice will prevail [however slowly]. Orenstein and his victims will have their day in court. But other court cases will continue to proceed against him - especially those emanating from 1.) Panama 2.) Canada 3.) Russia 4.) the United States.

See the tsunami coming, Mr. Slut Blogger? Pay attention because it's going to sweep you away for a long, long time.