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Okke Ornstein: Pet Killer……


WANTED SA has learned that the Fiscalia (Prosecutor in Panama) is pursuing allegations that a dog was poisoned by Okke Ornstein and his gang of criminals. On Friday September 17, 2010 several witnesses came forward to give statements as to the correct identification of the individual that actually poisoned the Royal Standard Poodle named Koko.

The identified assailant and murderer of Koko came back to the scene of the crime the following day and engaged the victim's owner in a conversation wherein he asked: “How is the dog”?

The victim's owner responded, explaining that Koko was dead.

The alleged murderer then stated that, “the same will happen to your family and you if you do not drop all charges against ‘OKKA' & ROGGIE’”.

Interesting aside: No one but the killers could have known the exact type of poison that was used to kill the dog; however Ornstein printed the name of the poison that killed the dog on www.bananamarepublic.com  a few days later.

Two of Ornstein’s friends, who are animal lovers, have also come forward and given statements confirming that Ornstein was aware of the murder and his direct involvement in the case.

Almost everyone in Panama holds Ornstein in the highest contempt; however, to poison a defenseless animal is one of the most disgusting criminal acts that the coward could have committed.

He will most definitely rot in hell. . . . where he belongs.