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CANADA IMMIGRATION EXPERTS (CIE), which has a long history of successful processing of immigrants to Canada from many countries overseas and is located at 4610 Dufferin Street in Toronto cornering of Finch Avenue is now in its fifteenth year as Immigration Consultants and members in good standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council that regulates and licenses all Immigration Consultants in Canada. The ICCRC is a Government of Canada Regulatory Bodies that strongly protects immigrants and regulates any and all consultants directly involved in immigration.


Amnesty International reports that the religious minority known as the Coptic Christians continued to face discriminatory restrictions in law and practice and inadequate protection from violence; such as rape of children, torture and murder in contrast and in correspondence with the Research Directorate, a researcher affiliated with Belgium's Fonds National de Recherche Scientifique (FNRS). In general there is a strong and systematic discrimination or persecution from authorities towards Coptic Christians in Egypt. However, the same source added that "Egypt is a Muslim state," and as such the head of the state must be Muslim, and, for example, Coptic Christians cannot be deans of universities, they cannot occupy important positions in hospitals, and there are no Coptic Christians in high positions in the army or in the police. 


The same source indicated that the treatment of Coptic Christians by the police, authorities and local Muslim populations varies by region and social class: the situation is more tense in regions with a higher number of Coptic Christians, such as the Delta Region or middle and high Egypt than in Cairo, but in Cairo, the treatment of Coptic Christians also depends on the neighborhoods. The same source added that poorer Coptic Christians face more discrimination than those who are wealthier.


Beginning in August 2018 CIE will be issuing Assessment Forms to approximately 20 Coptic Christian adult individuals to complete and therefore, CIE will analyze the standards for Canada in Education, Work Skills and proficiency in the English language in order for them to be eligible as immigrants to Canada. At the same sequence a comprehensive Enhanced Due Diligence will be conducted to ensure that all Coptic Christians applying for immigration will be free from any affiliations of Terrorist Groups in Egypt, Criminal Records and any manner of discrepancies to prevent them to be approved as immigrants to Canada.


Chronicles of Monte Friesner - Financial Crime Analyst  

Contribution by Amnesty International (Canada)