Global Protection

Global Protection

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WANTED S.A. Global solutions are used to identify individuals and companies linked to over twenty different risk categories: such as, terrorism, narcotics, money laundering, fraud, collateral crimes, blackmail, extortion to beneficial owners and PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons). In order to provide trans-national protection, WANTED S.A. offers conformity with over 120 local anti-terrorism and money-laundering legislations, including the USA Patriot Act and FATF. In addition, WANTED S.A. intelligence database is protected with confidentiality Hi Tech Software to the highest level.

WANTED S.A. Investigative & Specialty Agents are strategically placed in Canada, USA; Moscow, Federation of Russia, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, UK, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. WANTED S.A. operates in 6 continents; investigate cases and events nonstop to give you the edge in mitigating your risk.

Constant information exchange with government sources, courts, media and open-source ensure

that WANTED S.A. mitigates exposure to high-risk individuals and institutions. Easy-to-view profiles make clients aware of Terrorists, Narco Traffickers, Money Launderers, Blackmailers, extortionists, Ponzi Fraudsters and PEPs that are hiding amongst current or future customers.

We extend to all of our clients the highest degree of confidentiality and courtesy.