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About Us

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Former law enforcement and former reformed felons founded WANTED SA and have been recognized worldwide, as a leader and innovator in the field of Security, Compliance, Enhanced Due Diligence, Anti Money Laundering, Kidnap Negotiation and much more.

Through WANTED SA works, as physical and infrastructure security experts, WANTED SA have pioneered numerous, innovative techniques, which have saved the lives of clients worldwide, as well as preventing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. 

Operating with associates in over 125 countries, WANTED SA has worked with some of the largest and most prestigious companies, organizations and individuals in the world, while redefining the industry standard for personnel recovery and asset protection.

Here are some career highlights:

  • Taught foreign government representatives at Symposiums on counter terrorist measures.
  • Assisted Banks, Financial Groups, Insurance, Government on cellular fraud investigation.
  • Revolutionized cellular phone fraud investigation.
  • Business Analysis in Mining, Aviation, Real Estate Investments & Constrcution

*  KYC Symposiums